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Welcome to the OG Oxlee Graham wine shop! These wines are a love letter to my grandmothers. With each new wine release, I hope to honor them by telling the stories of other inspirational women that have left a lasting impression on my life. Delve into each collection below to explore the wines named for these remarkable people.

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Dayle's Wines

Dayle is my mom. Her kindness and service for others is admirable.  She steps in to help when others don’t. Sometimes that means jumping on a moving merry-go-round to catch a stranger’s small child that has slipped from their horse. Maybe it entails pulling her car over in the middle of a busy street to help a confused and lost elderly person to find their house blocks away. The situation doesn’t matter, her answer is always compassion.  

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a pair of trendy glasses and a colorful top.

Mabel's Wines

Mabel was my grandma and is one of the namesakes for this brand.  She was always a practical woman that loved a good project. Always matter of fact and she never minced words. When asked how she finally decided to date my grandfather, after having turned down his advances multiple times, she said “well he showed up on my porch with his toolbox one day and just never left.” We shared a good laugh.

Her commitment level to her “projects” was truly commendable.

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