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We believe that the best authentic stories start with the grapes. That is why we strive to partner with family run vineyards who share our passion for quality, sustainability and a desire to do right by the land and the people who farm it.

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Alder Springs Vineyard

Mendocino County

Stu Bewley knew he had found something special when he first saw the site that he would plant to vines in 1993 and name Alder Springs. The vineyard has excellent soils, sits at a 2,500 ft elevation and is only 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The days are bright and sunny, while the evenings finish with cool, crisp air. The wildlife abounds in this remote Mendocino County location, and winemakers often find themselves in competition with bears to see who can harvest their fruit first. It is pure magic! Stu and his expert team work obsessively to tend to each vine with a bonsai approach that limits overall yield and guarantees flavor concentration in each berry. The result is fruit that arrives to the winery like small jewels ready to be made into very distinctive wines.


Both Mabel’s Pinot Noir and Elinor’s Picpoul Blanc/Chenin Blanc Blend hail from this very special place.

Clones: Swan, 459 (Pinot Noir); 1.1 (Picpoul Blanc)

Gap’s View Vineyard

Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Coast

Gap’s View sits right in the middle of the Petaluma Gap – just to the East of the town of Petaluma. Nestled among dairy farms and open space, this idyllic vineyard greats you with perfectly laid rows that have rooted themselves in beautiful clay soils. This climatically perfect site starts with foggy mornings, warms up to wind swept afternoons and the billowing blanket of fog returns each night. It is a Pinot Noir grape’s paradise, where each cluster is allowed to slowly and evenly ripen to perfection.


These happy grapes are bursting with deep flavors that make Gloria's Pinot Noir beautiful and provide a great backbone for Dayle’s Sonoma Coast.


Clone: 115

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McCoy Ranch Vineyard

Fountaingrove District, Sonoma County

McCoy Ranch is a humble, yet alluring site. It sits proudly in the Fountaingrove District, nestled at the foot of the Mayacamas Mountains. A visit to this vineyard requires you to take a long and windy drive up a one lane road, where you will slow for deer and breathe in the freshness of the many oak trees. Once you reach the vineyard at its 1,700 ft elevation, the view is breathtaking! You can see Santa Rosa immediately below, San Francisco to the South and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Chuck McCoy was passionate about this special place and planted 45 acres to vines. He knew that the hilly terrain, loamy soils, constant wind, and cooler weather could produce wines worthy of ageing. Since Chuck’s passing in 2020, the vineyard is now lovingly cared for by his two daughters and their long-time crew who tirelessly and commendably work the hilly terrain of this arduous but meaningful site.


Our block of Petit Verdot sits on a bluff at the Northern part of the property. The rows are planted in steep tiers - which is perfect for providing diversity in the grapes to allow for our Enedina's Petit Verdot to be a beautifully complex and stand-alone wine.


Clone: 2

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