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The Oxlee Graham Wines Spring 2024 Newsletter

Spring has sprung, and we have been busy around the winery getting our new releases ready to ship to our growing wine clubs.  These new wines add so much diversity to our portfolio, and I couldn't be more excited that they are now ready to share with you.

Pinot noir grapes going through verasion
Budbreak in the Vineyards.

What's new with us...

We grew (by quite a bit) in 2023 - we only made three different wines in 2022, and with the 2023 wines we will be able to offer you a choice of seven individual selections.  That's a lot for a small winery like ours. Why did we do it? It allows us more flexibility with blending spectacular wines and it allows us to provide all of you with more choices when selecting your favorite bottles from our portfolio. Each wine will have it's own unique personality and demonstrate the special characteristics of the site from which it is born. 

In 2023, we welcomed two new growers to our family - Tanuda Ridge Vineyard in Russian River Valley and Gali Vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Both are Pinot. Both are Fantastic. Look for their stories on our website soon. 

Things in the cellar are as busy as ever as we keep a close eye on our 2023 vintage wines that are aging beautifully in barrel. We are so excited by the quality of this vintage - amazing purity of fruit, energy and grace.   

Jennie Murphy in the wine lab
Barrel tasting in the cellar.

Where to find us...

I have been working hard to get the wines out into the world where they are easier for you all to find and grab a bottle for your next gathering. Below is a list of some placements we currently have...

Avinage, Petaluma, CA

Bottle Barn, Santa Rosa, CA

Joseph George Wines, San Jose, CA

Papa Lou's, Calistoga, CA

Paul Marcus Wines, Oakland, CA

There are many more to come; we are just getting started. 

grapes being delivered to a tank via gravity
Our wines at an event, come see us!

Upcoming events...

With Spring comes event season, and we are looking forward to getting to share the wines with you in person at some fun upcoming events...

Garagiste Festival, Sonoma, CA (April 27th)

Zinz Wine Bar, Corte Madera, CA (May 11th)

Garagiste Festival, Glendale, CA (June 22nd)

tractor in the middle of a pinot noir harvest in santa cruz mountains
Jennie checking out the fruit development in the McCoy Vineyard, our Petit Verdot site.

What's next...

We will spend the remainder of our Spring and Summer walking vineyards, topping barrels and visiting wine shops. Our next bottling of 2023 wines will be happening in August and I am so excited to share them with you!

We also have a very exciting additional release coming at the end of May - let's just say we are thinking inside the box for this one. Keep a look out for an email soon. 

Your continued support means the world.



We'd love to hear any comments or questions below. Or head on over to our Wine Cellar to check out the current releases.

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